preparing ground under decking

prepare your site for an above ground pool | once you have decided on the design and shape of your above ground pool the area where you or your pool builder will place the above ground pool will need to be prepared. step 1: placement. the first step is deciding where you want to place the swimming pool in the backyard. look carefully at the ground where you plan to place the pool.【Get Price】

deck building - preparing deck site before building so here is a checklist for preparing your deck site: layout the shape of the deck with a hose or string and remove any sod. if you have a second storey deck you may not wish to do this or if the deck is 5 feet or higher. your choice. ensure there are no underground services in the area where you will be digging.【Get Price】

why should you put gravel under a deck? | hunker even if you choose to build your deck with high-quality weather-resistant materials the elements can impact and diminish the deck's quality over time if care is not also applied when preparing the deck site. certain ground coverings are better suited for use with decks than others.【Get Price】

deck building – ground level i want to build a deck close to the ground. in some places the joists will actually touch the soil. i realize that the joists can't just rest on the ground. how do i support them? should i install a vapor barrier under the deck? what are the best decking fasteners to use? steve k. waverly iowa. dear steve: ground level decks are known to stump ...【Get Price】

tips for building a deck | better homes & gardens ask them to mark the locations of underground utilities including underground cable wires pipes and sewer lines. most companies provide this service for free or a small fee. site preparation once the plans are finalized and approved by the local building department your deck building work can begin.【Get Price】

how to keep grass from growing up underneath my deck | home ... continue placing 10-sheet stacks of newspapers over the ground under the deck until it is covered overlapping each stack by 1 inch so no gaps are between the stacks. ... "how to keep grass from ...【Get Price】

deck building advice how to prepare the ground under the ... i've built plenty of decks right on top of the grass. the shade from the deckboards prevents anything from growing. go ahead and use roundup if you want but i see no reason to put down a barrier especially with a low deck. ditto. i built a ground-level deck last summer and didn't do any prep below it. no problems so far.【Get Price】

build a floating deck : 13 steps (with pictures) - instructables i chose to not lay landscape fabric on the ground under the deck and some people may question why i didn't do that. i went without to save a few bucks and a day or so's work. i sprayed herbicide to kill the small amount of stuff that was growing and am happy to respray around the edges as needed in the future.【Get Price】

problems with dirt under the deck | garden guides installing a structure like a deck over dirt can lead to a variety of challenges and problems. groundhogs. when groundhogs decide to burrow in the dirt below your deck they may cause it to become seriously damaged or even collapse. groundhogs can dig extensive burrows even under full concrete deck slabs according to aa animal control.【Get Price】

how to build a shed on unlevel ground for retaining wall designs above 0.9m i would recommend getting professional advice about ground stability and wall design from a builder/ engineer. of the two solutions for building a shed on unlevel ground the deck solution is the cheaper and easier.【Get Price】